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A mere click of a button is all it takes for Fabreasy to create PDF file while adding your letterhead template
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8 June 2015

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This is an easy online PDF creator.

Ever since the PDF became the de-facto standard for document interchange most businesses have to handle many of these documents every day. In the meantime, before the PDF became a standard, people became experts in using the MS Office programs. Besides, if you were to create PDF directly, the tools required to create PDFs are expensive. So, a via-media process evolved. That is to create the documents the usual way, through the programs in MS Office in the usual way and then turn the documents into PDF. Most common of these methods used to be to install a virtual printer and then get the document printed through this virtual printer. This application takes a different path. All you have to do is to drop your office document on Fabreasy PDF Creator and it instantly turns into a PDF file.

Once you have specified the output to folder, email or printer the job is done. You can design your letterhead online and include it in your PDF. It is for entrepreneurs and business owners having the need to add a PDF letterhead template to their PDF files. The PDF letterhead template could be customized. The tool provides a WYSIWYG editor that helps customize these letterhead templates. The editor can be started in your browser and has some useful capabilities. The letterhead could be easily shared so that somebody else could work on the design. Click the share button in the interface and fill in the address of the person. This person then will be able to edit the template. This is a good tool.

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The PDF Creator for you and your business!
A mere click of a button is all it takes for Fabreasy to create PDF file while adding your letterhead template, ready to be send by e-mail. Adjusting your letterhead template is easy in our online editor. Save document as PDF and include Virtual Stationery.
Creating PDF Files: three options
After installing Fabreasy you will find three useful options to create PDF files.
1. The Office Ribbon for Word and Excel enables you to create PDF files by one click of a button.
2. The Fabreasy PDF Creator (printer) enables you to create PDF files from any application which allows you to print.
3. And finally Fabreasy drag-and-drop which creates PDF files by drag-and-drop of one Office file or even a complete tree of folders.
All three options enable direct output to folder, email or printer. Click on the toggle button to add or disable your letterhead template. The PDF created from Word, Excel and for example your CRM software all use the same letterhead template. Select your letterhead PDF file you received from your designer or design your letterhead online using our amazing online editor.
Online PDF Letterhead template editor
Using the same letterhead template through-out all your applications is awesome. But what if you were able to edit your letterhead design yourself? No more difficulties when your address, bank account number or anything else changes! Our amazing editor works in all major browsers. After saving your changes your letterhead template is ready to be used through-out all your application.
Virtual Stationery
Fabreasy opens a new dimension in Virtual Stationery. Optimized flexibility due to the online editor enables the user to edit PDF stationery in real time. This unprecedented options makes Fabreasy the number one choice for iPaper and digital stationery solutions. Fabreasy: Stationery reinvented.
Fabreasy PDF Creator
Fabreasy PDF Creator
Version 1.17.2
Free Download

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